A Join the Shortest Queue simulation.

For newer versions of SimPy, particularly following SimPy 2 (now called SimPy Classic), there are unfortunately few resources online covering advanced queueing systems. Given that the newer editions of the package are much easier to use due to their adherence to the changes in PEP standards, it can be confusing for new Python adopters to opt instead for SimPy Classic in an attempt follow its wider range of examples. …

Currently, TradingView rather easily allows you to plot series for different equities across many different markets. While useful, investors of course are likely to be dealing with more than a single equity at a time (not to mention other instruments). Having an understanding of how to tackle such a problem from the point of view of a researcher, I figured that this presented an opportunity to broaden my horizons in terms of creating an application with a front-end. This resulted in STOCHAST.ICU, …

Aaron Janeiro Stone

Statistician, MMath Statistics Student at the University of Waterloo

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